Headshot is a professional portrait including only head and shoulder. It is a business or executive portrait, similar to regular photographs. The only difference is that it does not sit on the mantel but is used in business.

Where can business headshot are applied?

  • Business cards
  • Social profiles
  • Advertising in magazine or brochures
  • Company blog or website
  • Press release
  • Resumes
  • Any other business marketing medium

The demand for professional headshot photographers is increasing in the corporate landscape. Business headshot is also an asset for candidates looking for job. It makes a vast difference in respect of losing opportunities and making sales.

Great advantages of professional corporate headshots

First impression & introduction

People do business with a face and not company. Even if your products or services are top quality, poor presentation can make you lose on sales. Professional business headshot gives clients first impression. You can consider your business portrait to be a billboard, which differentiates you from competitors and give you an recognition.

Recruiters are always on a look out for new talent. They use social channels to look for talented prospects and learn about their ambitions, skills, and personality. Job seekers can go an extra mile and have a professional headshot to represent them and make a positive impression.

It conveys professionalism

Skillfully captured photo represents your company and establishes recognition, competence and credibility. Business flourishes as you develop and customers get to know and trust you. Even your business to business relationship will get better and better.

Prospects are actually investing in their future. Quality headshot makes them look great in front of potential employers. You feel confident about your professional capabilities. All this can make recruiters see you as strong and competent. Sending selfie or asking a friend to take quick pics shows lack of professionalism. Headshot photos will be noticed instantly and it will ideally represent your personality.

Tips for corporate headshots

  • Hire professional and experienced corporate photographers. They will discuss the style you wish to portray, offer insight of correct location, lighting, as well as other visual aesthetics.
  • Remember NO selfie because it negatively impacts official business.
  • Make sure that the background blends with your business branding.
  • Avoid backgrounds matching your skin tones because it can offer poor visual representation.
  • Clothes should also match with branding.

Headshot is crucial because people first see your avatar on social media or in press release or on your blog.